“Cincinnati photographer Thomas Nguyen recently started a movement meant to empower young women, to portray them as they are, beautifully free of makeup and unrestrained from the social media pressures of perceived perfection. Thomas's project opened avenues of communication with his young models. They freely discussed not only what beauty is to them, but also had discussions about the pressures of becoming a woman in our social media society.”

You've chosen to become a member of a very elite group . . .

In just three years, I've photographed more than 100 beautiful young women from the Mid Ohio Valley for MoniKeri Imaging's Project Beauty. I have some girls who have participated every year and each of them are dedicated to the truth that beauty is within you. Each PB girl gains some confidence while having a great time getting their portrait made.

If you have not scheduled your PB photo shoot and need to do so, please click the button below.

If you've already scheduled your shoot time, below are the details of your shoot day! If you have not already, you must go here and fill out a model release form with your parent/guardian. Please be five minutes early to your shoot. Only one parent/guardian/guest is permitted to enter the studio with you and that person must be masked. A volunteer will greet you and make sure you've filled out your model release form. They'll also ask if you're becoming a Project Beauty donor (more below) and take any payment from your donorship.

Your Wardrobe

All Project Beauty models are asked to wear a white top and blue jeans bottoms. You could choose a plain white tee or maybe a ruffled eyelet blouse. You may even want a white sundress. On the bottom, you may feel comfortable in cut offs, overalls, capris or a skirt, rather than long jeans. Don't worry about footwear, because you'll be kicking those off!

Your Body

Your face should be clear of ALL makeup. Be sure you use your cleanser at least an hour before your shoot time and remember to moisturize both your face and lips. Bring along lip balm if you're dealing with chapped dry lips. Your nails should be clean and clear of polish or clean and freshly manicured and polished. You may style your hair however you wish.

Donor Levels

Project Beauty is designed to open the eyes of young women to the beauty of their natural selves. It's also a fundraiser for local charities. Each participant is given the opportunity to increase their donation level and be rewarded with photo products.



Receive five digital files from your shoot ($375 value).

Simply Lovely

Add $25

Receive your five digital files and one (1) 8" x 12" print sheet of four images from your shoot ($430 value). Name listed in Project Beauty Magazine.

Simply Stunning

Add $50

Receive your five digital files, one (1) 8" x 12" print sheet of four images, and one (1) 8"x12" print single image from your shoot ($485 value). Name listed in Project Beauty Magazine.

Simply Beautiful

Add $100

Receive your five digital files, one (1) 8" x 12" print sheet of four images, one (1) 8" x 12" print single image and the 2020 Project Beauty Magazine ($555 value). (Name listed in Project Beauty Magazine.

Donations must be made at your scheduled photo shoot only and will be accepted as cash or credit card.

The Gallery Show

The most exciting part of Project Beauty is always the Gallery Show! With COVID-19, this year's Gallery Show is going to look a bit different. We're planning a public installation which will be open for one weekend. Our models will still get VIP treatment and be permitted to see their images first, before the public is welcomed to view them. Our target weekend is August 28-30, 2020. More details will come regarding the VIP access and the public installation.

I'm so excited to meet you all and welcome you to the Project Beauty sisterhood!

Keri Seevers, MoniKeri Imaging